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Roast & Toast Night


Toasts are formal expressions of friendship, appreciation, or calls for group attention to an issue or person in a public setting, often followed by consumption of beverages. A toast should be a high compliment, a fond memory, a funny story or a sincere expression of gratitude. By the offering of kind words, we build each other up and focus our thoughts on goodwill, harmony and beneficence.


In a Masonic context, a Roast is a gentle, joshing and well-intentioned humorous observation. Individuals in the room tell brief stories that may have some basis in truth, but which through word choice and clear communication of exaggeration, allow everyone to look back upon the episode with light humor and laughter. It requires special care and attention to ensure the roast is good natured, inoffensive and is intended to bring a smile to the recipient.

A roast is not an opportunity to say something mean. If you don’t think the target will laugh it off, don’t say it. Roasts can hurt feelings, and that misses the point. It is not intended to do harm to the individual or create divisions within our community.

Having said all that, any member may propose a toast to any other person, or entity associated with IVL. This is a gathering of Brethren assembled to recognize each other in an inviting, fun, and celebratory way. I sincerely hope it will encourage more member participation in Lodge events and promote a greater sense of community among the Brethren.

Our first installment of “Roast N Toast” will be held on March 9th. If you would like to propose a toast or roast, please respond by email to [email protected] with the name of the person you intend to honor by Monday, March 8th.